iPot is a modular system able to take on an unlimited number of shapes.
iPot is a modular planting system, a smart way to store plants, books and other objects. It can be a green divider, a living green wall or a modular planter. Against a wall, in the middle of a space, inside or outside, fits easily into existing design plans or existing space facilities that just need more greening-up: office, home, restaurant, store, hotel. It can help in dividing two spaces, absorbing noise, visually isolating or just decorating with green. Made from cotton, Dralon® - Teflon® or linen, the iPot bags allow your plants to take center stage on the iPot shelf system. You can move and re-place each bag anywhere on the iPot structure. The internal layer is 100% waterproof (PVC). More add-ons are available for different functions.