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iPot 990_l

1750 euro

Shipping costs excluded

The kit iPot 990 / l allows you to create a horizontal structure with shelves for books and other items, and bags for plants.
Accessories can be freely positioned on the iPot freestanding structure. 
This iPot composition is suitable for all environments: domestic or work, indoor or covered outdoor.

Click “►” for more details and to customize materials and colours.

Bag X 3
bag _ co/b01 bag _ co/b01 bag _ co/b02 bag _ co/b02 bag _ co/b03 bag _ co/b03 bags _ co/c01 bags _ co/c01 bag _ co/g01 bag _ co/g01 bag _ co/g02 bag _ co/g02 bag _ co/g03 bag _ co/g03 bag _ ac/b01 bag _ ac/b01 bag _ ac/b02 bag _ ac/b02 bag _ ac/b03 bag _ ac/b03 bag _ ac/b04 bag _ ac/b04 bag _ ac/r01 bag _ ac/r01 bag _ ac/r02 bag _ ac/r02 bag _ ac/r03 bag _ ac/r03 bag _ ac/r04 bag _ ac/r04 bag _ ac/r05 bag _ ac/r05 bags _ ac/r06 bags _ ac/r06 bag _ ac/v01 bag _ ac/v01 bag _ ac/v02 bag _ ac/v02 bag _ ac/v03 bag _ ac/v03 bag _ ac/c01 bag _ ac/c01 bag _ ac/c02 bag _ ac/c02 bag _ ac/c03 bag _ ac/c03 bag _ ac/c04 bag _ ac/c04 bag _ ac/g01 bag _ ac/g01 bag _ ac/g02 bag _ ac/g02 bag _ ac/g03 bag _ ac/g03 bag _ ac/g04 bag _ ac/g04 bag _ ac/g05 bag _ ac/g05 CHANGE
Shelf X 20
ripiano std-ws shelf std-ws ripiano std-w shelf std-w ripiano std-b shelf std-b ripiano std-wood ripiano std-wood CHANGE
Do you need a custom solution?
Ask for your iPot Ad hoc.
iPot 990_l W 329 x H 103,5 x D 21,5 cm

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